At Church of the Apostles, we seek to embody Acts 2:42-47 through preaching and teaching the word of God, shared life together, Spirit-filled liturgical worship, prayer and local and global missions.

As we enter into a new season of congregational life together, we eagerly seek to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in identifying a new senior pastor to guide our church body and help clarify and sharpen our call to make disciples in Raleigh and beyond.

Apostles is a biblically orthodox Anglican church whose members are passionate about the proclamation and spread of the gospel. We are comprised of community leaders who work in the home, business, education, government, the arts and nonprofit organizations in the community. And we are blessed — by God’s grace — to occupy a strategic location in a spacious church building that has been paid off. At our core, we are a church community that aims to know and serve God — with a desire to encourage and equip others toward a deeper participation in advancing His Kingdom in Raleigh and beyond.

Our City

Raleigh At A Glance

Projected Population Growth by 2046
People Move to the Region Every Day
Median Age
Regional Median Household Income
Colleges and Universities in the Region

Our Neighborhood
Midtown / North Hills

Our block has 93,000+ square feet of office space, 125+ retailers, 30+ restaurants, 1,800+ residences, and 6,500+ parking spaces. Within a 1-mile radius of the Midtown / North Hills area, 44,000+ people live, work and stay. Just across the street from our church, there are 400 residential units and 550,000 square feet of office space being built within the next 18 months.

Over $1.5 billion in assets have been invested in the area around our church building. Put simply, the Lord has entrusted us with a lot.

Senior Pastor Profile

  • Emotionally healthy in relationship to God, self, and others
  • Intimate relationship with God marked by a clear devotion to regular spiritual disciplines
  • Humble, trustworthy, prayerful, patient, selfless
  • A mature faith that has been shaped by adversity, sorrow, or struggle.
  • Deep conviction regarding the power of prayer personally and in the church
  • Understands the importance of strong familial relationships and models that for others
  • If married, the Senior Pastor and his wife have a unified sense of God’s call on them as a couple
  • Careful and observant listener who exhibits high emotional intelligence and engages perceptively with others
  • Biblically rich, exegetical sermons marked by the following:
    • Wise, skillful, clear, dynamic, approachable
    • Doctrinally orthodox and sound, theologically intelligent, while also socially and relationally gifted
    • Inspires deeper faith in others because of passion for Jesus and proclaiming the Word
    • Strong reliance on prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit
    • Cultural relevance that leads to action and confidence to tackle hard topics
    • Develops preaching gifts of others
  • Understands the purpose of Anglican polity, liturgy and practices, while wise at contextualization of Anglicanism
  • Encourages and models evangelistic witness — locally, nationally and globally
  • Helps the church understand that God intends for the Gospel to restore relational brokenness across all divisions including racial
  • Helps the church join God in His care for the poor, the widow, the orphan and the immigrant
  • Intentional developer-supervisor of clergy and staff
  • Collaborative leader who generously shares responsibility for preaching, leadership and influence easily with others
  • Builds cohesive, diverse teams utilizing and understanding the unique strengths and gifts of staff and congregation
  • Develops and articulates a clear compelling vision, mission and values that motivates others to action
  • Manages change and ambiguity: leads effectively, even in situations characterized by uncertainty or dissonance
  • Exhibits the ability to organize others and facilitate a project or proposal through to completion, by making sound, timely decisions
  • Biblical, clear and creative in implementing churchwide discipleship structure and process
  • Understands discipleship as a dynamic developmental process across the life-span
  • Empathic, gracious, gentle, good-humored, authentic, relational
  • Makes sure the flock is known and is eager to care for and serve God’s people
  • Graciously exhorts the church toward uncomfortable, gritty, sacrificial, self-denying discipleship
  • Understands appropriate biblical response to crisis, such as abuse of power, people or resources in the church

Our History


Church of the Apostles began as a God-given vision in 1999. In the winter of 2000, our founding pastor, Rev. Terrell Glenn, and his family responded to God’s call to move to Raleigh and plant Church of the Apostles. The church’s first worship gathering was a Christmas Eve service with a handful of families in the Glenns’ home — complete with a children’s pageant utilizing a quickly assembled collection of stuffed animals.

From the beginning, Apostles attracted people from a variety of church traditions. Indeed, Robert Webber’s phrase, “Evangelicals on the Canterbury Trail,” was often used to describe Church of the Apostles in our early years. Even today, many in our congregation describe themselves as “accidental Anglicans” who have learned to appreciate and love the rich traditions Anglicanism offers.


It wasn’t long after our founding that the Lord used the need for a physical place to meet and worship to get our attention. As the initial group outgrew the Glenn’s family room, Apostles began meeting in the training room of a local heating and air-conditioning company. Then we moved to an empty store space at the original North Hills Mall and continued to expand to other empty storefronts until the mall was demolished. After this, we moved to a 12,000 square foot office building behind Crabtree Valley Mall — formerly the headquarters of a large local retailer. When that property was sold, we were given two weeks to locate a new building — an increasingly more difficult task for our growing congregation.

With each move, we were called to prayer, trusting the Lord to speak to, and lead, us. At the last hour, God provided a 17,000 square foot office space in North Raleigh. This location served as home for three years. From a handful of founding families, Apostles grew by almost 45% annually to a membership of 300 by 2005, with a million-dollar annual budget.

New Chapter

In the spring of 2005, founding pastor Rev. Terrell Glenn was called by the bishop to serve as the pastor of All Saints Anglican Church in Pawley’s Island, SC. Glenn’s last sermon was on May 22, 2005.

In response, Apostles’ Leadership Council hosted a church-wide membership meeting on a Saturday in April 2005, allowing us to take ownership of the vision, mission and values Rev. Glenn had led us toward during his tenure. As we embarked on this process, we asked God to lead, guide and direct us into what He had for us in this next chapter of congregational life.

In early May, a Search Team was formed and in August 2005, Rev. Patrick Dominguez accepted the call to be our Senior Pastor. After giving his family time to transition, Patrick’s first Sunday was in December 2005.

Upon This Rock + Freedom for Mission


In 2009, there was a major development in the global reorganization of biblically orthodox Anglicans, the establishment of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). Whereas the AMiA represented ~175 churches and plants, the ACNA united over 1000 orthodox congregations in the US and Canada who had all been laboring (many for years) to remain faithful to the faith and mission of historic Anglicanism. The AMiA initially became part of the ACNA while remaining a Missionary District of the Church of Rwanda – a “dual citizenship” identity. But in 2011, several bishops from the AMiA followed its Presiding Bishop and abruptly withdrew from the ACNA and from the oversight of Rwanda. It was in this context that Church of the Apostles decided to join the newly-formed missionary district of Rwanda, PEARUSA (Province de l’Eglise Anglicane au Rwanda – USA), in order to preserve our beloved partnership with the Rwandan church.

PEARUSA also returned to full membership in the ACNA, thus joining the ongoing, growing movement of orthodox Anglicans seeking to reach North America with the Gospel. Apostles is affiliated with the Diocese of the Carolinas which is a part of ACNA.

Church Planting

Church of the Apostles began as a church plant, and planting new churches has been our heartbeat from the beginning. Indeed, over the past 20 years, Apostles has reaffirmed our commitment to church planting at crucial junctures in our history—acknowledging the cost and responsibility as well as our calling. When we purchased our current property, we were landlocked. And with the rate of growth we were experiencing, we knew that we would have to plant.

We had successfully planted All Saints in Chapel Hill, and due to our core mission, we were staffing to plant. Ford Jordan launched Redeemer Anglican in Raleigh in February 2015 with 38 families from our church (80 adults and 60 children). We also sent Curt Solomon to plant Christ Our Hope in Wilmington in July 2017.

The Search Begins

As Midtown Raleigh continues to grow, we sense God leading us to leverage the resources He has entrusted us to impact this community. We need a senior pastor who will help crystalize our vision and values, engaging the full congregation in the work and mission of Apostles.

Our Church


Our Worship

Our Congregation


*Raleigh church plant sending 150 adults and children occurred in 2015.

2020 Average Attendance

433 Adults

68 Youth

63 Children

Our Ministries

Our Missions Commitment

We believe that mission outreach through selected partners is a reflection of a spiritually healthy and mature congregation. As such, our goal is to be a truly healthy, well-formed, and well-cared for body of believers from which mission spills over into loving our neighbors and making disciples.


In 2009 Apostles established a long-term relationship through a partnership with the Gikomero Parish in Rwanda. The purpose of the partnership is to foster deep and abiding relationships and ongoing mutual interaction for the furtherance of the Gospel and mutual growth in Christ.

Our Governance

The Senior Pastor is advised and supported in his leadership of the church by the Leadership Council, comprised of nine members elected from the congregation. While the Senior Pastor chairs the LC, it, in turn, complements the governance of the church as advisers, counselors, practical ministry leaders, and prayer partners alongside the Senior Pastor. Therefore, members of the LC are people of demonstrable spiritual maturity and wisdom, evidential leadership gifts, and proven investment in the people and ministries of Apostles. They are elected to serve three-year terms. Annually, a discernment team is appointed to receive nominations for the LC, review applications, and conduct interviews. The team then provides a slate of candidates to the church for approval at the annual meeting.


Jane Barnes

Michael Mangum

Michael Mangum
Principal, FMI


Bryon Boulton
Senior Lay Leader
Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Carolina Cardiovascular Surgical Associates


Hunt Davis
Junior Lay Leader
CEO, Canopy

Terrell Glen

Terrell Glenn
Interim Senior Pastor


Laura Hearn
Co-Founder, Ripe Revival

Jim Whited

Jim Whited


Frank Shell


Barbara Wilson

Our Future

As Midtown Raleigh continues to grow, our calling and responsibility is to make disciples and live as witnesses to this community. We are eager and prayerful as we search for a new Senior Pastor who can help to lead us to clarity and focus with respect to our vision and biblical values.